Best Macaroni Salad Recipe
Our Best Version of The Classic:

When you want the best of a Classic:

...this is what we do. We add a flavor twist or two that we learned guests enjoy - time tested, always enjoyed. We call it "The Best Macaroni Salad Recipe," and we mean it.

Sometimes something simple makes a big difference. Macaroni is a standard pasta shape that works very well in salads, and here is our pathway to the next flavor level.

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Portions/Servings for the Best Macaroni Salad Recipe: This recipe will feed 24 people.
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Ingredients for Best Macaroni Salad Recipe

___8 cups uncooked macaroni
___2 cups of chopped onion
___3 cups of chopped celery
___1 chopped red bell pepper
___1 chopped green bell pepper
___1/2 chopped sweet pickle
___4 cups of mayonnaise
___4 cups of salad dressing (Miracle Whip)
___3/4 cup prepared mustard
___1 cup of 10x confectioner’s sugar
___1 teaspoon Frank’s Hot Sauce
___2 tablespoons soy sauce
___1 tablespoon vinegar
___2 teaspoons of salt
___1 teaspoon of pepper

No matter what foods you serve, you might just want to use a Food Warmer/Cooler or two. You can use ice to keep cold foods cold, or hot water and sterno fuel to keep hot foods hot. Read all about how they work and where to get them. (They are really inexpensive, and you can get disposable ones too, usually locally.)

Directions for the Best Macaroni Salad Recipe

Follow the box directions for the amount of time to boil the size pasta you’ve chosen. Make sure you have a good, rolling boil going, and stir the pasta during cooking.

When it’s 90% done, pour pasta into a strainer/colander and run under cold water, or plunge into ice water, or both. Transfer the cold, cooked pasta to a bowl and toss it with a very little olive oil. At this point, you can use it immediately or store it covered in the fridge for 2-3 days. Push food film right down onto the surface of the pasta during refrigeration.

Usually when we make pasta salads, we like to do the combination of the mayonnaise and spices the day before. For this recipe - it’s essential! We make sure that the mayo mixes completely with the soy sauce and others. Lots of stirring. Be sure to work a day ahead.

The day before the party, combine all the remaining ingredients. Be sure to completely mix the everything very well, then cover and put in the fridge overnight.

The day of the party, assemble the macaroni and the mayo mix - stirring it around carefully. Return it to the fridge to keep cool until ready to serve.

Food Safety for salads with eggs, meats, poultry, cheese, fish and more all need to be kept at 40°f or less as much as possible. Wash knifes, cutting boards, and keep returning your ingredients to the fridge during preparation, and use ice to chill salads during service.

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