Beef Wellington Recipe
Tenderloin in Seasoned Pastry

For the times when only the very best will do

When it’s time for the very best, Beef Wellington is the way to go. Famous for tenderness, if the beef filet lacks anything, it might be flavor. Adding pate, and wrapping with pastry solves this in a wonderful way.

You will need time to do the pastry, but you can prep the Wellingtons - pastry and all - the day before, then refrigerate and bake them on the day of the party. Write Ask a Caterer and we’ll tell you more about how we do it. OK?

Here is our Dinner Party Entrees

We’ll be showing you a 4 ounce filet wrapped with pastry - a knife and fork experience your family and friends will not soon forget. Stand up Buffet? You can also serve this entree as an appetizer, by using 3/4 ounce portions of beef - perfect for toothpicks on the move.


This recipe will feed 4 people, and will easily double or more. Read about Party Food Quantities and how to plan for the right amounts.

Beef Wellingtons Shopping List
for 4 People:
(figure 1 per person)

___4 - 4 ounce tenderloin filets - uniform size and shape

___1 small can/package of your favorite pate (or homemade)

___4 - 10” x 7” pieces of pastry, pie dough, puff pastry, etc.

___Salt, pepper and garlic to taste

___2 eggs

Dipping Sauce:

___1 cup mayonnaise

___1/4 cup prepared horseradish

Procedure for the Beef Wellington Recipe:

The Day of the Party:

Assemble the ingredients. Start with the tenderloin. The cuts should be close to the same size.

TIP: Beef tenderloin is very expensive, but for large parties where a lot is needed, there is a way to cut the cost by 50%. Use Ask a Caterer to learn more.

Now the pate - there are many kinds which come fresh and canned. We like the simple goose or chicken liver styles for this dish.

We warm it up just a bit to make it more spreadable.

Beat the eggs and add a splash of water.

Roll out some dough, about 10” x 7”.

Get some salt, pepper and garlic on each filet, then spread a little pate on a filet, and place it (pate down) in the center of the pastry.

Now spread pate on the other side.

As you wrap the pastry around the filet, glue any seams together with the egg, brushing it anywhere dough meets dough. Trim excess dough.

When done, brush the entire pastry surface with egg.

Now cut stems, leaves and holly balls from the scraps of dough.

Take some time and make this nice.

Now build your branches by sticking the small pieces to the filet pastry that you have already brushed with egg.

Build up the vines with leaves and berries - or do your own design!

Brush over all the pastry with egg when you’re done, art and all.

TIP: At this point, the Wellingtons can be refrigerated overnight and baked the next day. When doing this, beat up another egg and brush just before placing in the hot oven.

Into a 400°f oven they go for about 15 minutes for a medium-rare. Watch the color of the pastry.

If your guests want a medium-well or well-done, we suggest that you finish it in the microwave, for a minute. The pastry will prevent the meat from drying out.

Presentation for the Beef Wellington Recipe: Your Eyes Eat First

This is as delicious as it is a work of art.

Quickly combine the mayo and horseradish for a nice dipping sauce.


Wrap, refrigerate and enjoy cold or warm. The pastry won’t freeze all that well.

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