Baked Trout with Paprika
Simple and Delicious

Enjoy this easy recipe that is rich with taste

This began as a family favorite - on out Christmas table every year since I don’t know when - and grew into a popular item on our menu.

Europeans once considered trout as the fruit of the stream - reserved for festive days and celebrations. Now because it is more available, we can celebrate more often. ...we know this little place in Budapest...

Our simple method combined butter, flour and paprika from central Europe. Can be prepped the day before and baked the day of.

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Fresh-water, Rainbow trout are getting easier to find - either fresh or frozen. We used 5 ounce filets with the skin on one side. One half fish per person. Or cut them and serve appetizer-style with other foods.


This recipe will feed 4 people, and will easily double or more. Read about Party Food Quantities and how to plan for the right amounts.

Baked Trout Shopping List
for 4 People:
(figure 1 piece of fish per person)

___4 - 5/6 ounce filets fresh trout, 1 per person

___1/4 cup good ground paprika

___1/4 cup whole wheat flour

___1/2 stick butter

___3-4 fresh lemons for garnish

___fresh greens for garnish


Hours Before the Party:

Spray a baking sheet with veggie spray and lay out your filet skin side down.

These are running over 1/2 inch at their thickest points. Nice!

Start with whole wheat,

then add paprika. Get a good grade of paprika, imported and yummy.

Blend the flour and paprika together.

We like to use a small sifter to equally distribute the flour and spice on this fish, and other recipes.

Cut the cold butter into small pieces.

Distribute the butter on the fish, and generously cover with the flour/paprika mix.

TIP: At this point, you can cover the fish and refrigerate overnight or for several hours.

Preheat your oven to 500°f - very hot. Open the door and quickly pop the fish in, door closed right away. Don’t wanna lose heat.

Presentation: Your Eyes Eat First

Set up as whole filets with lemon, this will work nicely for your sit down dinner.

Or, cut pieces for a smaller portion. Cut after the fish is cooked.


Careful about what’s been left out too long - but these can be refrigerated and served the next day. They will freeze well too.

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