Baked Haddock Recipe?
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Zoey from St.Paul, Minnesota, who asked:

Zoey writes: “Hello! Every year my family comes for Easter, about 30 in all, adults and kids. I always serve Baked Haddock, but it takes so much time to get ready and do. How can I do it ahead of time so that I’m not in the kitchen when my family comes? thank you.”

Ask-a-Caterer Replies: Hello Zoey - We’ve solved this issue by baking the fish as a casserole - it’s so easy to do, all the day before!

Check out our Dinner Party Recipes on the site:

This is the Baked Stuffed Haddock on our site.

The idea is to build a moist and flavorful stuffing, which we do with shrimp. We use the small, “salad” size because or their tenderness and convenient size - and low cost.

On top of the stuffing, we lay out the filets of fish, season and cover to bake. Right out of the oven, and into the refrigerator it goes, and stays there covered overnight.

The true beauty of this recipe is simplicity, especially when you use the Food Warmer we describe. You will want to have one or two to keep your hot foods hot. You can also have them set up to keep cold foods cold. Read all about how they work and where to get them. (They are really inexpensive, and you can get disposable ones too, usually locally.)

We use the warmer to bring the stuffed fish up to temperature - it takes about 40 minutes from the time that we’ve started the warmer with hot water and lite the sterno. The trick is to keep it covered in that time.

Then, remove the cover, add a garnish or two, some lemon, and serve.

The other secret in this baked haddock recipe we would show you is to use some Seafood Cooking Base. Give them a look at how we use bases, what they are and where to get them. This is true professional cookery where we show you how we really do it - although most caterers and restaurant operators would never admit it!

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