Baked Chicken Breast Recipes and Ideas

The best and most delicate part of the chicken.

Baked Chicken Breast has an enemy - dryness. The breast has the lowest natural fat of any chicken part, which makes it appealing for many of your guests. You can replace some natural moisture by serving the chicken with a sauce, and we will, but let's dry it out as little as possible, OK?

This means you need to carefully time the cooking and watch the temperature. If not - well you know - been there and tasted that, right?

Look carefully at this photo and you'll see what we mean - baked just right, nice and moist. Here's how we do it:

165°. No matter which method you use (bake, broil, grill, etc.) it's all about time and temperature. We like to bake quickly, and stop baking when the temperature is 165° f - at 165, the breast is completely cooked - at 170° it starts to dry out. We use a piercing thermometer and check often. Pros use thermometers every day; there just isn't any other way to know for sure.

Cornish Game Hens. Follow this baked Chicken recipe to see how we get the timing just right.

Here is our Complete List of Chicken Appetizers. Most of them use chicken breast.

Start on the stove - finish in the oven. One technique we often use is to partially cook the chicken breasts on the stove or grill, and then finish them in a very hot oven.

With some hot oil and seasonings, we will saute a breast until it has some color on both sides, then transfer it to a 450° f oven for a few minutes - often not more than 5 minutes. Then we check with our thermometer, and pull it right away if it is 165° and keep it warm in a chafing dish. See how we do it with our Sweet and Sour Chicken.

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