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Question: "How much tuna should I buy for the Tuna Sashimi?"

Ask a Caterer Replies: You’ll want 1.25 ounces of fresh tuna per person. Change that up or down based on how much you think your guests will appreciate it. Lots of sushi lovers?, or is it a meat and potatoes crowd?

Our Ask-a-Caterer Collection of
Personal Stories and Party Food Questions:

Sue writes, "I'm hosting a party of about 50..." Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Linda asks, "For the Library Association...they want a homey, down to earth, simple dinner..." Oven Pot Roast

Alice writes: "I'm having a small wedding reception...I want to serve finger sandwiches..." Finger Sandwiches

Tammy needs: "My daughter's 14th birthday party...we're low on money right now..." Kid's Cheap Birthday Party Food

Alan and Marlene write: "We are doing our own wedding reception food...130 guests...but don't know how much food to buy?..." Wedding Reception Food

Jessica asks, "I’m planning for my 2 year old’s birthday...15 kids and 50 adults...ideas and amounts?" Birthday Party Food For Kids

Donna writes, "I need to make a curry for 50 with ingredients and amounts? Many Thanks!" Chicken Curry Recipes

AnnaLee asks, "We need lots of chicken stock for the banquet...canned?...what do caterers do?" Chicken Stock the Easy Way

Marna asks, "We want a nice fruit salad platter for much, and what to buy? " Fruit Salad Recipes

Marissa asks, "...I promised the kids that we would have a Halloween Party...but now I'm on a budget?" Halloween Party Food

Silma asks, "...I need cold appetizers for an all day party...she’s home from Afghanistan safe!" Cold Appetizer Recipes

Susan and Ted ask, "The new Boss wants a “nice” Christmas/Holiday Party for 55...we what?" Christmas Office Party Ideas

Jerry asks, "We need new Christmas Party of 20...simple to make. Do you have any new ideas?" Christmas Party Ideas

Anna asks, "Help with our first Christmas Party, 30 people in our small apartment, and I don’t know how to cook..." Christmas Party Recipes

Don asks, "...on my own...20 family and friends are coming for holiday appetizers...need some help?" Holiday Appetizers

Eve asks, "We need some Christmas Dessert in-laws...20 family coming...something really new..." Christmas Dessert Ideas

Silma asks, "...hoping for easy Christmas desserts...working two jobs...don’t do that much baking...?" Easy Christmas Desserts

Lorraine says, "I hate to bake!...need Christmas desserts for my daughter’s school...75 kids and adults..." Christmas Desserts

Maggie asks, "How many Holiday Dessert Recipes...50-75 family coming...not complicated or expensive..." Holiday Dessert Recipes

Louis asks, "...BBQ ribs and chicken for our big to warm it up...keep it moist and warm...?" Food Warmer

Al asks, "How does it work? What kind of sterno fuel should we long before serving...?" Sterno Fuel

Maria asks, "I’m making potato salad for 50...need a recipe for that many pounds to buy..." Potato Salad Recipe

Ed asks, "... my friends think I know how to cook, the SuperBowl party is here...need some help with simple snacks I can make...” Super Bowl Snacks

Myra asks, "I need some Super Bowl Party Ideas...I enjoy cooking...but I’m stuck...something new...20 guests...ideas...?” Super Bowl Party Ideas

Erin asks, ”What is good for Super Bowl parties? This will be my first one. My boyfriend says to have “guy stuff”. Help!” Super Bowl Party Menu

Suzi asks, “We have a big Super Bowl thing planned...35-50 people...people are staying for a while...lots of food...” Super Bowl Party Food

Amy asks, “...on a very tight food budget...12-15 friends from work and family...have to be careful...have time to ideas...?” New Years Parties

Brenda asks, “We’re having a Christmas Eve dinner for 50 people...nice appetizers...served sit down dinner...special...lots of time to prepare...suggestions?" Christmas Party Ideas

Caitlin asks, “What do you suggest for Christmas Dinner Menus? ideas...need some help...12 family again this to cook..." Christmas Dinner Menus

Dianna asks, “...I can’t find easy holiday recipes...want something special that I can it possible?... “ Easy Holiday Recipes

Emma asks, “....looking for several Christmas appetizer for employees and families...75 or more...need to cook at home and heat up later...“ Christmas Appetizer Recipes

Francene asks, “Please provide Christmas holiday recipes. Our family is growing and I want to start doing more than we have been.” Christmas Holiday Recipes

Harriet asks, “...need ideas for Chinese New Year food...know nothing about it...20-30 people...nothing too complicated please...” Chinese New Year Food

Laura asks, ...Valentine party theme is “Love at ANY Age” food for 125...making at home...bring to school... Valentine Party

Rose asks, “...the only graduation party idea we can come up with is chips and dips...please HELP us...everyone’s coming...” Graduation Party Idea

Bob asks, “Can I reheat ravioli in a microwave?...heat sauce separately? can I keep it warm?”” Microwave Pasta

Wanda asks, “...can I bake the stuffed shrimp one day ahead of my party? time the next day...won’t they dry out?...thanks!” Baked Stuffed Shrimp Recipe

Tanya asks, “...having a party for 50 people and serving stuffed shrimp...need help with quantities and a good recipe...thank you!” Cooking Shrimp for a Crowd

Zoey asks, “...all my family comes for Easter...serve Baked can I do it ahead of time?...thank you. ” Baked Haddock Recipe

End of the day, it’s all about creativity, not only in recipes, but how you get them to your table. That’s where we come in.

All those last minute q’s, it’s good to check things out. We understand. Ask us! (hey - it's free!)

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