Enjoy our e-magazine for the Fall of 2011! We hope you find lots of great party food ideas, money saving tips, new products and more with each issue.

Halloween and Thanksgiving Recipes

Happy Halloween! Some scary, some funny - and lots of good ideas about your Halloween bash.

A Thanksgiving you’ll be thankful for - traditional but with new ideas that really work.

Watch for our new Christmas Party Section, and a new collection of Super Bowl Party ideas.

Featured Ask-a-Caterer

Fruit Salad Recipes is our Featured Ask-a-Caterer for this Ezine.

Everyone loves fresh fruit. It always seems to work when served as an Appetizer, along with the Entree, as a Dessert on it’s own. Buying fresh fruit presents several questions:

How much to buy? Fruit needs to be cleaned, prepared, cut into portions and served. But after peeling and prep, how much remains of what you bought?

What should be served? What do people enjoy? Check out Fruit Salad Recipes for the Ask-a-Caterer reply to this great question from Myrna in California.

Have a party food question? Ask-a-Caterer promises a
fast and free personal reply.

Chocolate Fruit Skewers - Healthful with elegant simplicity, and just a touch of Maple.

Great Party Product

How about a great kitchen scale that works well, is easy to keep clean and will weigh up to 11 pounds. Large quantity recipes often call for weights, not measures.

Weighing is more accurate than measuring - but tough to do with a lousy scale. Solve that problem with this Cuisinart.

So how many tablespoons in a pound? No Problem - check out this nice set of charts from Exploratorium.edu - Measurement Equivalents.

And how many jiggers are there in a peck...?

Party for Pennies Tip

When planning for you party, check out your local shopping club store, such as Sam’s Club, Costco, BJ’s, and others. They often have items that you will need, and usually at better prices than you can get at the food or party store.

Many canned foods are sold in large #10 cans, which hold 106+/- ounces. Shopping clubs carry lots of these sizes. Often way cheaper than smaller cans, these are the restaurant size and grade products - which is why so many caterers and restaurant owners shop there.

Most of the clubs allow you to shop for a day without paying a fee - giving them a one-time good look. Don’t forget to check out the paper, plastic and other disposable items your party needs while you’re there.

Get the (really low) low down at Cheap Party Food!

For Holidays Ahead

Christmas, New Years Eve and Super Bowl will be here before you know it. We will be adding new sections for these and more.

For now, this is a roast beef - Oven Pot Roast that is too good for words. It has all that wonderful taste and flavor that comfort food was named for.

And for the wow-factor snack of all time, give these a try:

Lobster Roll Snacks have the taste of an authentic Maine lobster roll. Our recipe is an old DownEast favorite your guests will love. Our most requested.

Here is our Complete List of Appetizers for
ideas galore that friends and family will love.

Food Warmers and Chafers Ideas

Quality food warmers and chafers can cost a fortune - they can be more decorative than functional, and too small to do the job.

Cuisinart solves all these concerns with style. This chafer is big enough to hold some real food, nice looking, quality construction - all for under $40!

Remember, caution when using electric warmers - those cords are just too dangerous - even if you have a nearby plug. Sterno and candle power do just fine!

Read all about Food Warmers and Chafers.

Wishing you a wonderful Autumn, and especially a festive and family Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful for.

John and Zuzana

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