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    We show you the whole story, how to serve great food to parties large and small. We are caterers, and here are our secrets, methods and tricks to help you save thousands by catering your own functions. Imagine what you can save by catering your own wedding, hosting graduation and birthday parties, serving suppers at your volunteer organization, and so much more.

    Even from the smallest of kitchens, you can serve large parties using the procedures we lay out for you, step by step. The easy and inexpensive solutions to keeping cold foods cold, and hot foods hot, are explained in clear detail. Food safety, party equipment rental, how to do it all - it's here.

    On a budget? We will show you how to save 75% off the caterer's estimate. Need to save even more? It's easy to party for pennies when you use our ideas. From Chicken Wings to Beef Wellington - simple to elegant - it's amazing what you can do when you know how!

    Not a great cook? You don't need to be. Many of our party recipes are step by step, photo procedures. And if you get stuck, you can always use our free Ask a Caterer.

    Inside You'll Find:
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    Great Food Recipes:

  • All Designed to Save You Money
  • Many Prepare Ahead of Time
  • Photo Steps for Every Recipe
  • Snacks, Appetizers, Salads,
  • Dinners, Vegetables and Desserts
  • Fast and Easy, to Elaborate and Elegant

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    Keep Hot Food Hot?
    Food Warmers get it done. We'll show you how they work, which kinds you need, and where to get them cheap and easy.

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    Ask-a-Caterer's frequent FAQ:

    Question:We can't afford a professional caterer for our wedding. How much does it cost if we do it ourselves?

    Ask-a-Caterer: Of course it depends on your menu, but you can use our recipes and ideas and do something nice for under $10 per person.

    Did You Know?

  • Holiday Parties in 2011 are down in number by 20%, because of the high cost of catering.
  • Average catered wedding reception, with appetizers, buffet and bar is $85 per person.
  • The most popular dish served at an upscale wedding is Salmon, usually with vegetables and a sauce. See ours: Baked Salmon with Fruit Salsa
  • Most common party Theme is "Birthday" - check out our Birthday Party Ideas and our special section for Kid's Birthdays